Bank Of England

Educational Material - Online Order Form

Withdrawal of the paper £10 note

(Max 100)
An A4 double sided poster providing details and FAQ's on the withdrawal of the paper £10 note.

The new polymer £10 note

(Max 200)
A detailed easy-to-follow guide about the security features on the new polymer £10 note issued September 2017.

All banknotes - 'Take a closer look'

(Max 200)
A 10x21cm DL booklet with an easy-to-follow guide about the security features on banknotes and how to use them.
(Max 200)
This credit card sized fold out guide gives full details of the security features on all of our banknotes.
(Max 25)
An A3 double sided poster showing images of all current banknotes with a detailed description of the security features.
(Max 15)
"Be aware - we check all banknotes here" double sided sticker suitable for shop windows/doors.

Reporting counterfeit banknotes

(Max 25)
An A4 carbon copy form for use by businesses such as retailers and banks/building societies - UK only - for suspect Bank of England banknotes.

Available online only

Short films providing general advice about our banknotes and highlighting how they can be checked quickly and easliy.

This highlights the security and design features of our banknotes and includes a short test. Completion time approximately 30 minutes.

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